Drive Gamers To Your Product. Promote It With Game Kastle.

Game Kastle is an innovative hobby game store and event center franchise. We are a national brand with loyal local communities.

Shopping at Game Kastle is an immersive experience. Guests are primed to absorb information and discover new products. They shop at Game Kastle to get expert guidance on gaming; they trust us to endorse and recommend products. Our specially trained staff is on hand to guide customers whose interest is piqued by our in-store promotions.

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Powerful In-Store Advertising

Game Kastle uniquely provides you with in-store advertising to thousands of hobby gamers.

We have created an eye-catching promotional program that runs on digital displays in high traffic areas of our stores.

Ad spots play multiple times per day, every day, at every Game Kastle store.

Introduce new products, improve sales, and remind customers about your older-but-still-awesome games.

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Gain Exposure In The Hobby Gaming Market

Reach thousands of dedicated hobby gamers each month.

Showcase your product to a captive audience as our guests participate in daily events for several hours at a time.

Our customers are the influencers in their personal groups. They are the one to buy games and rally their network to play with them. They highlight their savvy by introducing new products to their friends.

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A No-Brainer Price

$80 per ad spot per month with lock-in rate availability for annual plan.

You can run advertisements for an entire year with Game Kastle for less than a weekend promotion at a movie theater.

Promoting with Game Kastle is like advertising in a gaming convention every weekend.

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Yes! We can schedule promotions to build precious momentum for the launch date, drive pre-orders, and encourage crowdfunders.
Promoting your game with Game Kastle is a great way to improve sales and impress distributors.
That’s great! If it can improve the lives of our gaming communities, we would love to work with you. Software that can help a gamer, gaming supplies, pop culture events, gaming related artisan goods, and more- just ask.
We have worked with partners before with promotions involving premier placement on our webstore, game demo highlights at our event centers, convention demos and advertising, store event sponsorship, social media features, high traffic retail shelf locations, and more. Let’s chat about your marketing goals.