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Tiny Supers RPG: Tiny Legacies

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The Fate of the Universe Is at Stake! The villains are back and this time their schemes just may work! The fate of the world, the fate of the entire universe, is in the hands of the world's greatest heroes! Sound familiar? It should! It's the core concept of every great superhero universe, and the time has come to create your own! Tiny Legacies is a toolkit to create your own campaign world, with all the advice and suggestions you need to make certain your world is fully realized and has taken into account all the little things that can make it unique in a densely populated field. And every step along the way, Tiny Legacies demonstrates the implementation of this advice with an example, creating the Legacy Universe as it goes. Put on your cape, heroes. It's time to save the world! This time, it's YOUR world! Tiny Legacies requires a copy of Tiny Supers, the super-hero role-playing game by Gallant Knight Games!
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