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Birds of Prey Deluxe

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Air Combat in the Jet Age!

Birds of Prey is the definitive air combat game of the Jet Age, taking over from Air Superiority and The Speed of Heat. It covers 24 of the deadliest jet fighters in history, from the F-86 Sabre through the F-22 Raptor.

The detail per jet has no peers, and the aerodynamics and performance model uses nomography for unprecedented accuracy in modeling how your jet flies at altitude with a given weapon loadout. Fighters with subtle differences in performance actually show them in this game.

The PHAD and tilt blocks mean that you actually fly like a pilot does -- looking at angles of attack, and reading what your opponent can do from the map state, and it keeps all the information needed for accurate decision-making in front of the player.

Birds of Prey is the most accurate flight performance engine available without a security clearance; it's been endorsed by Robert Shaw, the author of the textbook on jet fighter combat used at ''Top Gun.''
3-5 hour playing time
2-4 players; scales like a squad scale minis game
If you used to sell Air Superiority or The Speed of Heat or Fighting Wings, this and its supplements practically sells itself.

The Deluxe Edition has double the countersheets, twice as many laminated play aid cards, and the tutorial book is printed in full color.
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