We refer to our process as “matching” because both parties need to get to know one another over a period of time in order to decide if they are a suitable “match.” The Game Kastle business model is a fun and exciting opportunity, but it’s not right for everyone nor is everyone right for it. Our 7-step matching process is the key to a successful, long term partnership.


Get Acquainted – After you have filled out the Franchising Opportunity Form, a Game Kastle representative will schedule a get acquainted telephone call. Based on our conversation we will mutually determine if we would like to speak again so that we may provide you with additional information, including A) the concept difference for Game Kastle, B) company operations, training and marketing support and C) start-up costs.


Request for Consideration – Upon receipt of your completed application, our executive team will review the application and if acceptable, award you the opportunity to continue through our process. To view this form please: [Click Here]


Concept Compatibility Call – Following the initial phone call, we will schedule a concept compatibility call, beginning with a courtesy invitation for your spouse or other supportive decision-maker. During this one hour call, we will focus on the Game Kastle core values and vision. Based on that conversation, we will determine if our core values align.


Mutual Expectation Call – During this one hour teleconference call, our team will collaborate to deliver a complete overview of all marketing, training and support programs. Depending on the level of business expertise, some candidates will be scheduled to attend a start-up workshop conference call.


Startup Workshop Call – This one hour teleconference is an opportunity for you to discuss the start-up process and discover how to open safely and creatively under budget with four key objectives: A) How to find the least expensive money; B) How to utilize the capital in order to yield optimal tax advantages; C) How to minimize your personal collateral to open your business; and D) How to protect your working capital In this workshop, our CEO will guide candidates through the initial franchise fee and other startup costs Four to 15 days prior to attending Discovery Day, we will mail or email the Franchise Disclosure Document.


Discovery Day – After completing the Start-Up Workshop call, our candidate will be invited to attend a regional certified Discovery Day.


Signing Day – Agreement Execution

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Request Franchise Information

If you would like to have someone contact you to learn about our franchise opportunity, please fill out the following form or call (855)545-GAME (4263)