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ABC Warriors: Mongrol & Robo-paratrooper (Preorder)

$ 36.00
SKU: WLG622410011

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An ABC robo paratrooper leader, Mongrol was the lone survivor of a botched drop over Vilnius in Volga. After the battle, his head was salvaged by Lara, the daughter of rebel robotsmiths, and he was rebuilt using a mishmash of robot parts. However, Lara was killed by the Volgans before she could fully activate him. During torture by Volkhan, Mongrol was inadvertently reactivated, but reduced to an almost bestial state. His infamous battle cry 鈥淢ongrol Smush!鈥 is a prelude to a devastating assault with his massive power paws. Contains two Warlord Resin ABC Warriors miniatures: Mongrol and a Robo-paratrooper, plastic bases, character card and auxiliary card. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted