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Batman Miniature Game: Suicide Squad Bat Box Set

$ 91.50

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Bat-Boxes are the ultimate way to jump into the action of the Batman Miniature Game! Each box contains a complete Crew, and all the cards you need to play. In addition, in each Bat Box you will find a unique Objective for your Crew, a brand new scenario, and a set of Quickstart Rules in each so you can start playing right away! The Suicide Squad Bat-Box includes: -7 High Quality Resin Miniatures ready to paint and assemble -1 High Quality Resin Objective Marker (Beacon) -8 30mm Plastic Bases -7 BMG Character Cards -4 Equipment Cards -3 Strategy Cards -1 Quickstart Rules -1 Rules and Scenario Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.