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Chessex Dice - Bulk Dice Sets: Assorted Speckled 12mm d6 Bag (50)

$ 12.00
SKU: CHX29322

We have run out of stock for this item.

Bag of 50™ Assorted Loose Speckled® 12mm w/pips d6 Dice Each bag contains: 1-Air™ 2-Arctic Camo™ 3-Blue Stars™ 2-Cobalt™ 2-Earth™ 2-Fire™ 1-Golden Cobalt™ 2-Golden Recon™ 1-Granite™ 1-Hi-Tech™ 2-Hurricane™ 2-Lotus™ 2-Mercury™ 5-Ninja™ 4-Recon™ 1-Sea™ 1-Silver Tetra™ 4-Silver Volcano™ 2-Space™ 2-Stealth™ 2-Strawberry™ 2-Twilight™ 2-Urban Camo™ 2-Water™