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Conquest: Holiday Battle - Jolly and Mean Scenario Set

$ 47.99

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Seu-Grin, the Chartreuse Arbiter of Sorrow, has taken upon itself to demand payment in full for the ...favours it lavished upon the ruling house of Lord Swivelston. Caring aught for the pain and suffering his demands will place upon the festive populace of Yeurk. Only one man (and his army) stands in his way; Nick Claus, paragon of the Deist (or possibly Theist) Church and guardian of them who would feast, drink and be merry! Enjoy this Holiday Special scenario pitting the forces of the nefarious Seu-Grin against the jolly (and inebriated) defenders standing by St. Nick Claus! This box includes the scenario rules and two unique miniatures: One for Seu-Grin, Spire Biomancer and one for St. Nick Claus, Theist (or possibly Deist) Priest of the 100 Kingdoms. Contents: 2x Miniatures 1x Nick Claus Miniature 1x Seu-Gin Miniature 1x Scenario Pack 1x Scenario Narrative 2x Bases 2x Command Cards Please Note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required. A complete Holiday Scenario Pack - 2 resin miniatures, scenario narrative, bases and stands, 2 Command Cards. Available for the 2023 Holiday Season only.