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Conquest: Rage X Warcolours Paint Set - Flame Bezerkers

$ 49.00

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Conquest/Warcolours Collaboration - 12 Flame Bezerkers Miniatures and 5- 20ml Warcolours Paints (Metallic Antique Gold ,One Coat Yellow, Silver and Red, Flesh 5) Warcolours paints and Conquest collaborated on a new look for the Dweghom Flame Berserkers. Rage X Fire brings a bright look using the high quality acrylic paint of Warcolours and the fine sculpting of Conquest together in a new boxed set. These 12 Flame Berserkers are ready for action, especially after you paint them with the 5 specially chosen Warcolours paints included in this set. The lead painter of Conquest and the team at Waarcolours chose colors that bring out the personality of this infantry.