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Der Weltkrieg: SPW Tannenberg Introductory Game (ziplock)

$ 25.00
The Der Weltkrieg series uses simple yet innovative systems to model World War One. Der Weltkrieg maps use hexside based terrain, rather than the more common hex based depiction. This triples the amount of terrain information on the map. Those that play the game find the maps intuitive and easy to navigate, and you will too. The Der Weltkrieg combat system takes into account each and every strength point brought to bear. No more frustration with not having that last strength point to reach the next higher odds column on a Combat Results Table. Tannenberg: The Introductory Game is a great way to get first timers into wargaming. The rules are short, and to the point. The video tutorials are an easy way to learn the rules while watching along. The videos use multiple examples straight from the game. Watch them now and see for yourself. Get a copy of Tannenberg: The Introductory Game, and experience for yourself what others are raving about. COMPONENTS: -140 Backprinted Counters -One 17in x 22in Map -One 16 page Rulebook -Ziplock Format
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