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Dropfleet Commander: PHR Cruiser Box

$ 30.00

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Cruisers are the most common size of capital ship and form the backbone of almost every fleet fighting in the Reconquest. They offer an excellent and flexible combination of speed, firepower and versatility. The standard cruiser hull is so ubiquitous that its design has been redefined many times for a wide variety of roles. Contents 2 x PHR Cruisers: These multi-part hard plastic lavishly detailed 1:9150 (0.2mm) scale miniatures can be assembled as up to ten different classes, including cruisers, heavy cruisers, fleet carriers, light cruisers and assault troopships. Typical length 111mm. 49 Parts per ship (including optional ones). NOTE: All ships are provided with a multi-part Dropfleet flight stand, designed to track in-game status without the use of tokens. Miniatures made in Great Britain, printed in Great Britain Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.