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Italia 1917-1918: A Farewell To Arms (Preorder)

$ 47.20 $ 59.00
SKU: AGS20054-Italia

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Embark on a riveting journey through the forgotten battles of the Italian front in Italia 1917-1918 A Farewell to Arms. This operational wargame, using the game system previously used by Somme 1918- Bloody Spring, meticulously recreates the clashes between the Entente and Central Powers from Caporetto to Villa Giusti. Featuring two detailed A1 maps, the "global" map spans the Adige River to Trieste, while the "zoom" maps focus on key combat zones. Command diverse military units, from Italian Alpini to German Alpenkorps and more. Engage in six scenarios capturing pivotal moments, such as the thunderous Caporetto offensive and the final Battle of Vittorio-Veneto. Experience front-specific challenges with specialized mountain units, assault troops, and diverse nationalities within the Austro-Hungarian army. Advanced rules add depth, allowing players to simulate the entire campaign, manage strategic reserves, and face random events with 50 event cards per side. The comprehensive campaign unfolds over 23 to 36 turns on the "global" map, providing a historical and strategic gaming experience. Start smoothly with the introductory scenario Monte Grappa. Whether a seasoned player or newcomer, the game promises historical accuracy and strategic depth on the overlooked Italian front of World War I. CONTENTS OF THE BOX: 2 A1 Double-sided maps, 1 A1 Single-sided map, 700 Mixed counters, 1 Rulebook, 1 Advanced rules booklet, 1 Set of 105 event cards, 2 A3 Double-sided screens, 5 A4 Single-sided player aids, 4 A4 Double-sided player aids, 4 Dice.
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