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Memoarrr! - Beach Edition (Preorder)

$ 15.96 $ 19.95

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Memoarrr!, the crazy-fun memory game that was on the 2018 Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) recommendation list, now comes in a Beach Edition with waterproof game materials and a handy carrying net. As players pocket their first coins, the earth shakes violently. Captain Goldfish hasn't hidden his treasures on a volcanic island for nothing! Red hot lava pours into the sea, wrapping the entire island in dense steam clouds. Does anyone remember how to get back to the ship without blindly running into the volcano? In Memoarrr! the active player reveals one of 25 face-down location tiles. If the animal or landscape of the new location matches the animal or landscape of the last location revealed they are safe, those locations are connected, and it's the next person's turn. But if they do not match, the player is lost and eliminated from the round. A total of seven rounds are played, but the locations never change. The key to winning Memoarrr! is to pay attention to every tile when it is revealed, and then to try and remember where each animal and landscape tile can be found.