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Minitaire Airbrush Paints: Freak Flex Standard Set All 60 1oz. Colors

$ 289.00

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These paints are used by the top industry artists and model building professionals. The colors are pre-mixed to be totally realistic. They are of the finest quality and coverage and are great for use with a paint brush or air brush. If you're not satisfied until every detail is perfect, then let FREAK FLEX bring your models to life. It's a superior hobby paint designed to help modelers achieve authentic, professional painting results with greater ease and proficiency. Water-based FREAK Flex is easy to apply with an air brush and clean-up is fast and easy. This paint paint dries in 12 to 15 minutes at room temperature (2 to 5 minutes if heat dried). The FREAKflex¨ Advantages: • Extreme fine-coat coverage • Excellent adhering water-based acrylics • Superior color retention • Primers are not required (Recommended with lighter colors) • Easy to apply with airbrush or conventional applicators • Adheres to most plastics, metals, resins and many other substrates • Long shelf life (Lifetime warranty with unused, unopened bottles) • Environmentally friendly, non-flammable and safe to use FREAKflex¨ is available in 1 oz (30ml) bottles. FREAKflex¨ paints were designed to bring out the best (or the worst!) in your fantasy models. This set contains 60 (1 oz.) bottles of paint, 1 each of: 1. Body Bag Black 2. Turned Ghost White 3. Grave Palor Gray 4. Dried Blood Red 5. Arterial Blue 6. Cursed Earth 7. Pale Flesh 8. Bad Bruise Purple 9. Suntan Flesh 10. Rose Flesh 11. Dead Guy Gray 12. Got iII Green 13. After Midnight Blue 14. Sunburn Red 15. Pink Eye Burgundy 16. Asphyxia Blue 17. Autopsy Orange 18. Hot As Hell Orange 19. Gravestone Gray 20. Cowards Yellow 21. Nicotine Yellow 22. Bleached Bone Tan 23. Sour Spleen Green 24. Near Black 25. Mummified Brown 26. Road Rash Brown 27. Deep Wound Maroon 28. Rotten Tooth Tan 29. Gangreen 30. Old Wreck Rust 31. Bloody Wooden Stake 32. Black Lagoon Green 33. Mossy Moor Brown 34. Greenzilla 35. Burnt Offering Red Orange 36. Hammer Horror Red Wet 37. Poisonous Plague Yellow 38. Hammer Horror Red Dry 39. Reptilicus Green 40. Bewitched Blue 41. Oozing Acid Yellow 42. Eye of Ogre Orange 43. Warlock Blue 44. Cat's Eye Yellow 45. Goblin Green 46. Ghastly Ghoul Green 47. Wooden Stake 48. Banshee's Shadow Gray 49. Buried Alive Brown 50. Gargoyle Gray 51. Silver Bullet 52. Ripper Red 53. Flaming Membrane Orange 54. Jack O' Lantern Orange 55. Nocturna Blue 56. Nosferatu Flesh 57. Frankenflesh 58. Voodoo Potion Purple 59. Violent Violet 60. Jezebel Pink
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