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Mystery Loot Pack: Candy Hearts 3 (1) (Preorder)

$ 14.40 $ 18.00
SKU: FBG0038

Save 20% off - Place a preorder for Mystery Loot Pack: Candy Hearts 3 (1) (Preorder) and we will ship as soon as it is in stock. We recommend purchasing in-stock items separately.

1 randomly selected sealed loot pack Love and Dice Intertwine In Our Brand New Valentines Day Mystery Loot! Each Candy Hearts 3 Mystery Loot will contain one of our: ✔️ A Candy Heart Metal D20 with Rainbow Metal: Slightly oversized and in one of 6 colors! ✔️ 2 Candy Heart Enamel Pins: Mini enamel pins featuring 1 of 12 themed phrases