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Pandante 2nd Edition

$ 44.99

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Players: 2-6 • Playing Time: 20-40 min • Age: 13+ The Basics Pandante is a panda-themed gambling game that's all about lying. You can play it as a social game without player-elimination, or in serious face mode for real money...if you're Panda enough. It has just a few abilities to spice things up, but even non-gamers can pick it up pretty easily. Panda Lords and Gold Fairies If you win a pot by lying, you get the highest honor: a Golden Panda Coin that will help you a future gambit. On the other hand, if you bust, a Gold Fairy will frolic with you and cover your debts. Expansion built right in You get all the expansion content: a set of alternate ("dark") abilities in addition to the standard ("light") abilities, panda champions giving each player a unique ability, casino cards that change the rules of the game each gambit, and diamond dreams mode that treats the diamond chips as powerups. You can mix and match any or ALL of those features however you like.