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Piles! (Preorder)

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Players: 2-8 • Playing Time: 10 min • Age: 8+ Piles! is a fast-paced set collecting game designed for kids and families. If you enjoy classic games like Speed and Spoons then you’ll love this easy to learn free-for-all. In Piles! you can play up to 8 players or even face off 1-on-1 for a fun two-player experience. Average playtime is under 10 minutes making the game highly replayable and addicting. This portable card game is ideal for any occasion. There is no text and no need to speak other than laughter, which is great for diverse groups with young kids and non-native speakers. Players have no turns and no time to waste. React quick and don’t fold under pressure. Your speed and memory will be tested. Only the best with the mess will win this race!