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Puppetswar: (Accessory) Heavy Prime Gunners Bodies (5) (Preorder)

$ 15.00 $ 18.75

Save 20% off - Place a preorder for Puppetswar: (Accessory) Heavy Prime Gunners Bodies (5) (Preorder) and we will ship as soon as it is in stock. We recommend purchasing in-stock items separately.

Set contains Five models of Heavy Prime Gunners Bodies. Product Code: S553 Description Models designed for 32mm tabletop wargames scale as infantry bodies. Models have slots for 3x1mm and 2x1mm magnets. Supplied unassembled and unpainted. Dimensions A maximum height of a model from foot to top of the back is 41-43mm. Material High-quality resin, parts may require reshaping in hot water. Compatibility Infantry and heavy infantry accessories like heads, back equipment, shoulder pads and Heavy Prime Gunners weapons.