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Riot Quest: Flubbin – Riot Quest Scout (metal)

$ 14.99
SKU: PIP63026

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Gubbin has a sister? Gubbin has a sister! The adorable Flubbin learned the art of explosives from her older brother when she was a baby. Unlike big brother, who prefers quantity over quality, Flubbin is all about style and sass. She has a bit of a competitive streak with Gubbin, and she's always looking to outshine him in some friendly explosive-based sport. Flubbin takes to the Arena in her personal dirigible, which she flies over the heads of enemies to drop gravity bombs on their heads while cheering on both bomb and bomb recipient. "Wow, Boomhowler, you really took that one in the face! Way to go! Wanna try again?" Flubbin is a Scout Class Hero with excellent mobility and high defenses. Thanks to her Flight ability she is difficult to block in, and with Flyby she is one of the only Heroes that can interrupt their movement to make an attack before running off to safety. This model is fully compatible in Warmachine and Hordes in which it is a Mercenary Minion Gobber solo and will work for Crucible Guard, Cygnar, Khador, and Trollbloods. White metal components. Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.