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Zero Leader (Core Game)

$ 109.99

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In Zero Leader, you will lead the brave pilots of the IJN and IJAA into battle all across the vast Pacific during WW2. You will choose when to use your G4M Betty bombers to carry the famous Ohka rocket bomb. Will you choose to use Kamikaze attacks to destroy the American carrier? New Mechanics: 1 - Maneuver Value: Reflects the maneuverability of your aircraft. This may help or hurt your Pilot's capability to maneuver behind an enemy Bandit in a dogfight. 2 - Robustness Value: Reflects the strength of your aircraft. Sturdier built Aircraft reduce the chances of taking damage or getting shot down, weaker Aircraft increase it. 3 - Aggression Value: Reflects the boldness of your Pilot giving you an extra D10 Roll. For the cost of Stress,increase your chances of succeeding on your roll! Aircraft Cards Include: A6M2 Zero D3A1 Val B5N2 Kate G4M Betty A6M5 Zeke Ki-84 Frank NiKJ George Ki-43 Oscar Ki-61 Tony Ki-44 Tojo J2M Jack Ki-51 Sonia G3M Nell