Game Kastle Customer Reviews

Best place for gamers to shop. Love the dice section. Friendly atmosphere atmosphere great customer customer service
Michele 2 weeks ago
This place is tabletop game madness! The staff here is friendly and super helpful with a plethora of knowledge that they’re willing to share about all of the games in the store. There are multiple areas to play in, some that are free and others that are available to reserve and rent. They have a schedule full of fun and interesting things to do in the store that is updated regularly. The facilities are kept clean and tidy, and the shelves stocked. If you’re looking to get miniatures for your game night or a gift for someone who likes boardgames, this is the place to go.
Dustin Vaden Pascal 2 years ago
Came in to buy pokemon cards but was rudely greeted with "Why are you selling them or actually playing them?" Then went off on a tangent about how he hates people that buy bulk cards just to throw them away, implying i was one of them. Like it was of his concern. I collect and sell ones I don't need but it was extremely rude and unnecessary for this tall man to ask me this like if I were to give the wrong answer he wouldn't have sold me any. What I do with my money and the product I buy is absolutely none of his concern and he came off completely hostile. Wouldn't reccomend if you're looking for a judgment free game shop.
Ama Sinopa 3 weeks ago
As a model builder I visited this store looking for some detail items and weathering products. They had a great selection and found a few smaller items. Friendly staff and willing to help with the questions I had.
Mike Woolson 3 months ago
Great place to game. And make sure to check out the events page on their website. they have specific game nights foost game systems.
Vlad Nica 3 years ago
Not a gamer, but if I was this would be the place to go! That aside, I’m a modeler and they have a fantastic selection of paints and hobby accessories. Staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. Truly appreciate the safety measures (all the way down to the aisle directional arrows on the floor) during this pandemic.
Morgan Holly 4 months ago
This and the other Game Kastle stores are some of the best game stores I have come across! Fantastic selection, great communities, and helpful staff.
Jesse Breazeale a month ago
Post covid protocol review: super safe space, and the staff is awesome as always.
Gregory Friedman a month ago