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19th Century Battles - Molino Del Rey: Gateway to Mexico City, 8 September 1847

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In September 1847, Winfield Scott began his assault on Mexico City by ordering the capture of Molino del Rey, where the Mexicans reputedly were casting cannon to strengthen the city's defenses. Just beyond, the citadel of Chapultepec guarded the causeways to the city. A quick US victory at the Molino might turn into a war-ending pursuit. As it happened, heavy US casualties forced Scott to call off the battle after taking the buildings. This game covers both the actual and potential fighting: the US player may be satisfied with just the first objective or try for the big win, while the Mexican player must play for time and try to inflict maximum losses. Molino del Rey uses the Quick Play version of the Musket & Saber system to simply yet accurately portray warfare during the muzzle loading era. Combat is based on unit quality rather than raw numbers, and rewards use of historical tactics. Infantry, tough and resilient, bears the brunt of battle. Artillery can smash attacks or open holes in enemy lines, but is vulnerable and brittle. Cavalry is weak in standup combat, but crucial for pursuit and the occasional charge against a broken foe. All units are susceptible to rout when weakened, so players must maintain reserves. Leaders enhance unit capabilities. Winning the battle depends on deployment, thoughtful maneuver to concentrate at the key points, the proper coordination of arms, careful use of leaders and special units, and an understanding