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Our Careers

We put the EXTRA in extraordinary. That is true for our customers as well as our employees. When we have fun, it helps our customers better enjoy their experience in the store; we are THE destination for hobbies and games of any type.

We believe in innovating the very concept of what a ‘game store’ can be, whether that is through our industry-leading marketing and affiliate programs, to our franchise operations, to the very way we ensure our stores are a place for everyone to come enjoy their games and hobby.

At Game Kastle, our employees are family and fellow gamers; we believe in encouraging not only their hobby and game growth, but their personal growth as well. Our Management positions are homegrown and we understand what it takes to create and foster and environment where we can all enjoy our worlds together.

Select a store and message us if you are interested in any roles above. Please include a resume and cover letter!