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Each of our locations has a set of free games to play! Get in touch with a store team member for details on reserving a table. We even have lockers for rent!

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We work with various publishers big and small. Feel free to browse our collection and select pick up at your nearby Game Kastle store.

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Come visit us and let us know what you think! Can't find a Game Kastle near you? Franchising opportunities are available! Learn more or tell a friend.

a very reliable place to get the games you need. i have tried twice to get board games from target but they never seem to have what i want even if they are classics. i was able to call game kastle and do a one day hold on the games i needed.
Charlene, GK Santa Clara
lots of games, knowledgeable staff, and space to play. get 20% off when you pre-order new releases.
Scott, GK Fremont
great help available for someone who doesn’t know quite what they’re looking for. super friendly staff, who helped me leave with more games than i’d planned to buy!
Kalonica, GK Redwood City
great store. friendly staff. great place to play 40k, pokemon tcg or star wars armada.. ask about joining the discord!
Elusive, GK Sacramento
great tabletop game store with friendly, inviting staff and good assortment of board games, rpg games, and ccg's. very clean, brightly lit play area. lots of scheduled games, great place to play, worth the visit!
Alexandre, GK Reno
great store with a good selection of items and a good gaming space that includes plenty of tables and space and two large, private rooms for a more quiet gaming experience, perfect for d&d.
Allison, GK Ankeny
this store has the most incredible selection of paints for miniature paint artist. it's dog friendly and a welcoming place. their monday paint nights are a great place to learn and laugh. this is the only hobby shop i go to in austin.
Rich, GK Austin
friendly service, great selection of games and cards. I come specifically for pokemon and metazoo cards but they also have a great selection of board games and other fun stuff. lots of weekly events which i keep meaning to join one soon. will definitely be coming back!
Tiffany, GK Greenville
this store rocks. moved to the area recently and they were so helpful and welcoming whether you're asking about a specific hobby or general board games. the staff is extremely kind and always willing to give input and help you figure out what's best for your situation.
Ameen, GK College Park
friendly game shop with board games, rpg stuff, etc. plenty of space to play with friends and they have an active calendar of events. i had a lot of fun trying out some sample games they had out when i visited. definitely will be going back!
Angela, GK Kent

play games to help local kids!

Extra Life & Game Kastle join forces to unite thousands of gamers around the world to play games in support of their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $40 million for sick and injured kids. Ask our stores for more information on how you can contribute!