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a letter from our founder

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest and time to learn about this exciting franchise opportunity that is Game Kastle. As the founder and CEO of this corporation, my team and I share in your excitement about how great it is to enjoy the gaming industry and to do so in an energetic, fun and exciting atmosphere.

Growing up in Oregon, I became fascinated and intrigued by the many card and board games that were available and started participating in them at a very young age. My love of games continued to grow as I entered my college years and soon I was caught up in the collectible card game craze and supported myself as I bought and sold these collectible cards.

My fascination with this industry continued to grow and I began to work at various game stores during my summer breaks; I wanted to learn all I could about how to build my own successful game store business. Upon completing college, I entered the technology world and had a very good career, but my love of the games kept pulling at my entrepreneurial side. In 2003 I opened my first store and have worked hard at building the concept and improving the support of the hobby gaming community and began to truly build that core concepts that have evolved into Game Kastle.

The support we received from the community showed us that we have a foothold in a niche market that needed more stores to support it, so we opened them. My love for the hobby and gaming community has not waned, and now we are pleased to offer this franchise opportunity to you as we share a similar passion!