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2300AD RPG: Ships of the Frontier

$ 49.99
SKU: MGP20023
The 33 colony worlds and countless outposts of human space are scattered across a 100 light-year diameter volume of space, along three intricate and complex Arms of stars and anchorages that allow starships to hop from star to star, 7.7 light-years at a time. In order to connect all those worlds with the systems of the Core, starships are required. Interface craft are required to connect the great ships with the worlds below, other ships are need to find raw materials, and to find new worlds. And still other are required to protect all those other ships and the worlds they serve. This book contains many drones, fighters, freighters, landers and warships from across human space, along with a selection of ships used by the three space-faring alien species at the edge of Human space: the Pteranodon-like Sung; the odd little biotech masters, the Pentapods; and the hulking, vaguely-insectoid Kaefers, unrelentingly-hostile and bent on conquest. The 81 ships, drones, and stations in this volume build on the ships presented in 2300AD, and add new opportunities for trade, diplomacy, exploration, and combat.
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