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Abteilung 502: Spoils Of War Vol. 2 - 1991 Gulf War

$ 34.99
This book is the second volume devoted to the Iraqi Army鈥檚 war material captured in 1991 during the Persian Gulf War. In February 1991, the Iraqi army suffered heavy losses during the air campaign and the ground offensive launched by the coalition, but a large part of military hardware was simply abandoned intact in the Kuwaiti desert and captured by Allied troops. The huge booty included tanks, personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, reconnaissance vehicles, self-propelled guns, self-propelled antiaircraft systems....Before being shipped to the United States or the United Kingdom, they were gathered in the Kuwaiti Theater of Operations (KTO), or into giant junkyards located in Saudi Arabia. Spoils of War is written for the military enthusiasts, modelers and historians and carefully examinates many sources. It presents us with an overview of the huge variety of military equipment fielded by the Iraqi army. Photos were donated by veterans and other private collectors. The author was able to talk with many veterans, and interviews with those who took these photos added precious details.