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Airbrush: Sotar Slim Fine (.2) Needle/Nozzle Gravity Feed Dual Action Airbrush with Color Cavity

$ 204.00

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The SOTAR slim is a streamlined, improved technical design, version of our most popular micro-detail airbrush, the Sotar 20/20. And although it is not a whole new Sotar, it certainly has some notable design differences - in both feel and function - from the standard Sotar. (No, the current Sotar 20/20 isn鈥檛 going anywhere.) Conscientiously listening to and responding to airbrush artists鈥 needs is an integral part of our commitment to continuously meet those needs. Accordingly, the modifications that set the slim version Sotar apart from its predecessor are the design concepts, ideas, and preferences of artists who use airbrushes every day. Notable design improvements of the slim include a recessed color cavity that provides a direct non-obstructed artist鈥檚 sight-line direct to the very tip of the airbrush needle, a field adjustable/changeable inner seal system that enables the artist to adjust their needle flow to their exact touch, and a perma-seal welded nozzle base that creates a 100% air flow efficiency to and through the nozzle base directly to the nozzle鈥檚 vacuum chamber.