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AK-Interactive: 3rd Gen Acrylics - AIR Series Modern Royal Air Force Aircraft Colors

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3rd Generation acrylic paints is essential for painting models of most of the aircraft used by the Royal Air Force from the mid-1960s, onwards. The selection of colors allows for representation of several camouflage schemes: Dark Green/Dark Sea Grey/Light Aircraft Grey tactical scheme adopted in 1965 and used on the Hawker Harrier and Hunter, Phantom FGR.2 and Jaguar; Dark Green/Dark Sea Grey wraparound scheme seen on the Harrier, Jaguar and Tornado Gr.1 from the late 1970s until mid-1990s; Dark Sea Grey/Dark Camouflage Grey tactical scheme applied from the mid-1990s until the mid-2000s to the Jaguar, Harrier and Tornado Gr.1/4; Medium Sea Grey overall finish of Tornado fleet from the mid-2000s, onwards; Light Aircraft Grey/Camouflage (Barley) Grey scheme used by the air defence aircraft such as the Tornado F.3 and Phantom FGR.2 (the latter also featuring Medium Sea Grey on the upper wings); Camouflage (Barley) Grey overall finish of the Eurofighter Typhoon; Medium Sea Grey/Dark Green/Light Aircraft Grey scheme applied to the V-bombers in the 1970s, which in the 1980s was simplified to a wraparound scheme of Medium Sea Grey/Dark Green; the Hemp scheme of Camouflage Beige and Light Aircraft Grey notably used by the Nimrod and the Victor K.2 tanker from the 1980s until 2010. The inclusion of PRU Blue color enables to additionally reproduce the painting schemes of reconnaissance aircraft used in the 1950s and 1960s (PRU Blue overall or later paired with Medium Sea Grey upper surfaces) and overseas-based tactical aircraft from the same period, carrying a Dark Sea Grey/Dark Green/PRU Blue scheme.