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AK-Interactive: 3rd Gen Acrylics - AIR Series Soviet Aircraft Colors 1930s-1941

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3rd Generation acrylic paints is indispensable for painting the authentic colors of the Soviet Air Force from the 1930s until the mid-1941. Before 1937, Soviet aircraft were typically painted with Protective Green on the upper surfaces and Grey-Blue on the undersides. Around 1937, an overall AE-9/AII Light Grey finish had been introduced and used on the aircraft such as Tupolev SB bombers, but it was replaced around the end of 1938 with overall AE-8/AII Aluminium finish that had been carried by such aircraft as the Tupolev SB and DB-3 bombers and UT-2 trainers. At the same time, other aircraft such as I-15bis and U-2 were painted in a two-color scheme introduced in February 1937, consisting of AII Green upper surfaces and AII Aluminium undersides. From June 1940 the standard camouflage colors were to be green for the upper surfaces (A-19f Grass Green for all metal aircraft and AII Green for mixed construction ones) and light blue for the undersides (A-18f Light Grey-Blue for all metal aircraft and AII Light Blue for mixed construction ones).