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AK-Interactive: (3rd Gen) Acrylics - Color Punch Slime Green (17mL) (Preorder)

$ 3.19 $ 3.99

Save 20% off - Place a preorder for AK-Interactive: (3rd Gen) Acrylics - Color Punch Slime Green (17mL) (Preorder) and we will ship as soon as it is in stock. We recommend purchasing in-stock items separately.

The 3GEN color range is extended with 10 new ultra-pigmented colors. These colors have been formulated for both shadow shades and much more vivid and intense mid-tones. Drop these colors onto your palette and dilute slightly to instantly see the punch of color they will bring to your miniatures, maintaining lot of power even after blending. The intensity of the colors is not only in the pigments, saturation and shades, but also in the emotions they arouse. Get ready to immerse yourself in the experience of intense colors that redefine your ability to convey emotions. Let the creative explosion begin!