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AK-Interactive: 3rd Gen Acrylics - Historical Figures XVI-XVIII By Pepe Gallardo

$ 70.50

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Pepe Gallardo is currently recognized as one of the world鈥檚 most talented historic figure painters and he has collaborated with different brands to produce box arts and designing figures. He has obtained recognition and a multitude of prizes in international competitions, and he could be considered a reference for modelers focused on historical figures from the XV to the XIX centuries. This signature set includes a selection of 18 colors considered by him essential to be able to paint a wide variety of historic figures by making mixes with the best acrylic paint on the market. FREE Painting guide inside! This set contains: AK11089 鈥 BLOOD RED AK11095 鈥 DIRTY RED AK11189 鈥 DARK PRUSSIAN BLUE AK11177 鈥 DUCAT BLUE AK11018 鈥 NEUTRAL GREY AK11042 鈥 VOLCANIC YELLOW AK11123 鈥 JAPANESE BROWN AK11435 鈥 FIELD DRAB AK11007 鈥 ROCK GREY AK11102 鈥 DEEP BROWN AK11437 鈥 BRITISH UNIFORM BASE AK11113 鈥 CHOCOLATE (CHIPPING) AK11004 鈥 IVORY AK11055 鈥 SUNNY SKIN TONE AK11052 鈥 BASIC SKIN TONE AK11430 鈥 RUSSIAN UNIFORM BASE AK11036 鈥 ICE YELLOW AK11422 鈥 OCHER KHAKI