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AK-Interactive: 3rd Gen Acrylics - Rust and Abandoned Acrylic Paint Set (Box of 6 Paints)

$ 24.99

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This set contains 6 acrylic paints, essential for applying rusty finishes and chipping effects to any model or accessory. These paints can be easily mixed with each other, allowing for the hassle-free creation of smooth transitions between lights and shadows. They can be applied by brush, taking advantage of the 3rd generation high coverage and adhesion. Diluted can be airbrushed as easily as lacquer-based paints. Matte finish. The set contains: AK11101 ORANGE BROWN AK11103 MEDIUM RUST AK11105 LIGHT RUST AK11107 DARK RUST AK11108 HULL RED AK11113 CHOCOLATE (CHIPPING)