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AK-Interactive: FJ43 Pickup with SPG-9 Recoilless Gun (1:35 scale)

$ 46.25
The FJ43 is part of the famous J40 series of 4脳4 vehicles produced by the well- known Japanese company since 1960. The J40 series was a tremendous best seller around the globe, helping to build the reputation of the Japanese brand due to its sturdiness, economy and reliability. It was used for decades for military and civilian duties, and still remains in service in many countries. It has become an icon due to its popularity in many conflicts, even coining the term 鈥淭oyota Wars鈥. In the course of production several changes and updates had been applied and it is possible to see vehicles with different parts including seats, wheels, etc. The FJ43 designation applies to a medium wheelbase version powered by a petrol engine, available with a soft top, hard top or even topless. These vehicles were also field-modified to carry different weapons such as single and multiple-barrel machine guns, recoilless guns or even rocket launchers. The AK35003 model kit represents one of these 鈥榯echnical鈥 variants straight from the box, including an accurate rendition of the Soviet SPG-9 recoilless gun which remains a popular fire-support weapon since its introduction in 1962. The gun is supplemented with a suitable vehicle mount and spare projectiles. This boxing also contains an optional front bumper with a winch as well as rear seats which can be assembled in either folded up or down position, allowing a multitude of possibilities. The kit features: + Over 180 plastic parts. + Decals for 4 painting/marking options. + Highly detailed interior. + Front wheels with optional steering. + Two different tire options. + Optional front bumpers with and without a winch. + SPG-9 recoilless gun with vehicle mount and projectiles.