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AK-Interactive: FJ43 SUV with Soft Top IDF & LAF (1:35 scale)

$ 49.95
The FJ43 is part of the famous J40 series of 4脳4 vehicles produced by the well-known Japanese company since 1960. The J40 series was a tremendous sales success worldwide, helping to forge the reputation of the Japanese brand thanks to its robustness, economy and reliability. It was used for decades for military and civilian tasks, and is still in service in many countries. It has become an icon due to its popularity in many conflicts, even coining the term 鈥淭oyota Wars鈥. In the course of production, several changes and upgrades were applied to it, and it is possible to see vehicles with different parts, such as seats, wheels, etc. The FJ43 designation is applied to a medium wheelbase version powered by a gasoline engine, available with soft top, hard top or even no top. The AK35004 kit represents the soft-top variant of the FJ43 and contains decals for two Israeli Defense Forces vehicles in their usual single-color finish, plus a Lebanese Armed Forces option in multicolor camouflage. Also included in this kit are two sprues with various IDF accessories: both strictly military items and weapons (including different variants of the famous UZI, a Galil rifle and a FN-MAG machine gun), various radios and vehicle antenna mounts, fuel and water cans, ration packs, cans and food bags; as well as multipurpose items such as tool boxes, plates, thermos, shovels, a pick, a jack, a bucket, a gas stove, a water cooler, etc. This supplement allows a multitude of possibilities for the configuration of the model and/or the creation of a scene. The kit features: + Over 250 plastic parts. + Decals for 3 painting/marking options. + Highly detailed interior. + Front wheels with optional steering. + Two different tire options. + A large selection of IDF accessories.