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AK-Interactive: Infantry Support Weapons DShKM & SPG-9 (1:35 scale)

$ 16.25
The Soviet-manufactured fire support weapons and their licence and unofficial copies were delivered to a plethora of countries during the Cold War and thou- sands of them remain in service around the world until the present day. The DShKM 12,7 mm heavy machine gun is undoubtly the most famous of them and only the American M2 Browning matches its popularity. Interestingly, both these heavy machine guns were designed prior to World War 2. Although not as famous as the 鈥淒ushka鈥, the SPG-9 73 mm recoilless gun was also employed in numerous conflicts since its introduction into service in 1962 and can still be spotted in the footages from the modern warfare. The AK35005 set combines accurate and detailed renditions of both these weapons coupled with the necessary tripods. Also included in this set are a vehicle post mount which can be used for the chosen gun, spare ammunition belts and projectiles and a number of different ammunition boxes. This offers the modeller a multitude of possibilities for using the components of the set as vehicle armament or stowage, diorama accessories or even the main parts of a small scene depicting almost every conflict that happened during the last few dozens of years. The kit features: + Over 60 plastic parts. + Photo-etched fret. + Contains one tripod for DShKM, two variants of SPG-9 tripod and one vehicle post mount for guns. + Various ammo boxes and SPG-9 projectiles included.