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AK-Interactive: Land Rover 88 Series IIA Rover 8 (1:35 scale)

$ 47.50
The Land Rover Series IIA is the improved variant of the second generation of this famous British off-road vehicle. Available with short (88-inch) and long (109-inch) wheel base, this model was manufactured from 1961 to 1971 and is considered as the most classic and hardy model constructed. It became incredibly popular not only in the domestic market and other Commonwealth countries but also in the Middle East and Africa. Our kit represents a military spec 88 Rover 8 as built in the mid-1960s and enjoying a long service life. It shows typical Rover 8 features such as pusher front bumper, straight rear crossmember, bumperettes with D-rings, vertical mounted side and flasher lamps, IR-type headlights, extra petrol tank, rear reflectors, rear and front optional towing pintle, Warner and NATO type trailer sockets, serial plate lamp, shovel and pickaxe on tailboard鈥 And while many 88s had combat type split rims, we offer the original civilian type rim also used, as it will help you for more versions. Many other official details would change due to final use or theater, changing contracts and batches, etc. so check your references when modelling a particular vehicle. Lots of extra equipment and ad-hoc fittings could be seen, made both at depot or unit level, changing further its final appearance. The main features of the kit: 鈥 Over 230 plastic parts 鈥 Photo-etched fret. 鈥 Rubber tires. 鈥 Decals for 7 painting/marking options printed by Cartograf. 鈥 Highly detailed interior and engine. 鈥 Left and right hand drive options. 鈥 Canvas top for the cargo bed.