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ArmsKeeper Glues: IC-2000 Black Rubber (1 oz)

$ 11.99
SKU: ARM05118

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Keep your army strong with ArmsKeeper Glues! IC-2000� is a rubber-toughened cyanoacrylate that forms superior shock resistant bonds on non-porous surfaces. The black colored CA has added flexibility for the bonding of metals, fiberglass, rubber, carbon-fiber and other advanced materials. For model use, IC-2000� is ideal for the bonding of bulkheads, formers and servo rails to the inside of fiberglass hulls and fuselages. Setup time is 20-40 seconds, which can be accelerated with INSTA-SET�. When cured, IC-2000� is pliable enough to be carved with a hobby knife. IC-2000� is the best adhesive for R/C car tires.