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Army Painter: Gamemaster Desert & Arid Wastes Terrain Kit

$ 45.00

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Whether you’re preparing to build desolate sand dunes or scorched lands, the GAMEMASTER: Deserts & Arid Wastes Terrain Kit will supply you with all the paints and basing materials you need to create amazing scenery for any RPG system or skirmish miniature game. In this kit you’ll find a unique Terrain Primer that won’t corrode your building material - no matter if you’re building with XPS foam, styrofoam or MDF fiber board. Combined with handpicked paints, washes, basing materials and tufts you are well on your way to bringing dusty hideouts and droughty grounds to life. Don’t let anything but your imagination hold you back! Find inspiration in our many online tutorial videos, or the inspirational guide included in this set. Contents: 300 ml Desert & Arid Wastes Terrain Primer 4 x 18 ml Paints 50 ml Desert Base 77 Wildfire Tufts 1 bag of Mudrocks 150 ml Scenery Sand + Free Razorwire