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Attacking the Darkness DVD

$ 19.99

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A comedy mockumentary about the people who want to ban roleplaying gaming and their epic quest... to create the ultimate anti-RPG movie. Harmony Hope has a dream—of a world where roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons are revealed to everyone as the tools of Satan—and she'll stop at nothing to share it. Determined to spread her message about the evils of RPGs, she recruits her husband, mild-mannered wedding planner Brady Bryant, the help her produce the ultimate exposé: a film about innocent girls who are sucked into a pit of sin and despair when their roleplaying game turns all too real. This behind-the-scenes mockumentary, in the style of Spinal Tap and Waiting for Guffman, follows the misadventures of the Bryants as their movies turns into a production from hell: filmmakers who will do anything to get the shot, churchgoers who will stop at nothing to save souls, and gamers who will fight tooth and nail to defend their hobby.