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Badger Equipments: Braided Air-hose w/ Inline Moisture Trap and Quick Disconnect (6ft)

$ 63.99

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Braided air hose with multiple airbrush quick disconnect changing system and inline moisture trap to capture condensation from warm air-exerting air source. Braided air hoses with inline moisture traps, like Badger鈥檚 50-2012, contain a moisture trap that captures condensation that occurs when a compressor puts out hot air. These moisture traps prevent the condensation from ever reaching the airbrush and spraying on to an artist鈥檚 work surface. Many artists use multiple airbrushes and prefer to change between them quickly -using a quick disconnect system, like Badger鈥檚 50-2018 air hose and 51-038 male quick disconnect. For sometime there has been an apparent need for these two special function hoses to be available in the same hose, so we are now making a quick disconnect air hose with inline moisture trap available to the numerous artists who are seeking such an air hose system.