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Castles & Crusades RPG: Rune Lore (C&C Supplement, Hardback)

$ 27.99
SKU: TLG8127

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In the crumbled ruins of ancient cities, tombs and crypts where dead Kings lie, in the halls of libraries upon tablets of stone and vellum scrolls echo the secrets of worlds gone by. In their ruin lay written clues, faint reminisces of power and glory, unnoticed by men and elves, passed by as curiosities or riddles best forgotten. Runes. Dwarf runes. Runes of power. Runes that captured the language of creation, recast it in symbols and glyphs pregnant with power. Introducing Rune Lore, an exciting new supplement for the Castles & Crusades Role Playing Game. You ve played the divine; you ve wrestled with the eldritch sorcery of the arcane; now, unravel the mysteries of the runes and a magic like you ve never played before. Rune Lore takes full advantage of the Siege Engine, bringing its power to the table. Runic spells, over 40 in the book, allow the caster to use his or imagination and bend them to their will. Use the rune of fire to light torches, burn fields, set wagons afire; use the rune of fire to bring flames to life or burn foes. Combine runes for greater affect. All this by use of the Siege Engine. The only limit is your imagination. Rune Lore is the perfect symbiosis of the philosophy of Castles & Crusades, its designers, and the world of all our collective imagination. The runemarks, these are the nameless heroes who seek to master these runes, who take power in hand for the sheer glory of its mastery. They are hunters, scholars, voyagers, explorers, travelers; they are those who unravel the mysteries of the world behind and prophecy the one ahead. They are the runemarks.
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