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Cthulhu Mini Mythos: The Antarctic Express

$ 19.95

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From outside came the sounds of whirring propellers and rumbling engines. I looked through my window and saw an airplane standing perfectly still in front of my house. Renowned Mythos aficionado Ken Hite retells H P Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness" in this parody of classic children's literature. Late one evening after the city has gone to sleep, young Danforth boards the mysterious airplane that waits for him: the Antarctic Express bound for the South Pole. When he arrives, Professor Dyer offers the boy the chance to learn any thing he desires. The boy modestly asks to probe the depths of the eldritch city of the Old Ones. The request is granted. On the way his memory is lost while fleeing from the piping shrieks of the shoggoths. On Christmas Eve, the boy finds his memory of that whistling cry returns. For you see, all who visit the Old Ones' city forever hear the sound of the shoggoths. The Antarctic Express features 32 pages of full-color illustration, and is sure to be a hit with the newest generation of Lovecraft fans and their parents. Also look for Where the Deep Ones Are in the Mini Mythos series.