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Cults Across America: The Board Game of Cthulhoid Domination

$ 44.95

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Pummel the President. Buy a Tank. Sack Arkham. Sink R'lyeh. Shoot Nyarlathotop with a Cosmic Ray Gun. Rule the Free World. In Cults Across America, you'll do all that and more. You'll take charge of an insanity-inducing faction of frothing fanatics. You'll command cultists, high priests, tanks, nuclear reactors, the national guard, the Pope, the President, and maybe even Cthulhu himself. You can start the plague, assert yourself with whips and chains, race in the Mythos 500 aboard a satanic pushcart, and invade the Dreamlands. What could be more fun than sacking Waco aboard a Big Honkin' Truck with Ghatanothoa at your back and the Necronomicon in your hand? Cults Across America is a high-powered board game featuring challenging resource management, detailed combat choices, three scenarios that let you plan the game you want to play, a host of cards that can change the game's course in seconds, and a severe attitude like nothing you've ever seen in a board game.
Players: 2 - 6 | Playing Time: 180 minutes | Ages: 12 +