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Custom Heroes

$ 29.99
SKU: AEG7009

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Card Crafting meets Trick Taking A new game in the tradition of Daifugo and The Great Dalmuti! Custom Heroes is a fun and fast trick-taking game that uses the new and exciting card-crafting system! The twist is that card crafting lets you change the values and effects of the cards as you play. Change a card鈥檚 value. Give a card special effects. Ascend a card to trump all others (except other Ascended heroes!) But be careful, each round your opponents may have control of the heroes you have customized! Contents 60 Cards 84 Card Advancements 80 Card Sleeves 76 Victory Point Tokens 36 Power Tokens 6 Player Screens 1 Card Advancement Bag 1 Rulebook Players: 2-6 Ages: 14+ Playing Time: 45 minutes