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D&D 5th Edition: Blue Rose Adventurer's Guide (5E)

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For Aldis and the Queen! Aldis, the Sovereignty of the Blue Rose, shines as a new light in the world after the dark age of the Shadow Lords. Envoys of the Sovereign鈥檚 Finest strive to protect Aldis from threats like the Shadow-dominated land of Kern and the fanatical Theocracy of Jarzon, as well as corrupt monsters and artifacts left over from the devastating Shadow Wars. The peoples of Aldis鈥攈uman, sea-folk, arcane vata, the doughty night people, and psychic, intelligent beasts known as the rhydan鈥攗nite in common cause. The Blue Rose Adventurer鈥檚 Guide opens up the award-winning romantic fantasy world of Aldea for players of the Fifth Edition of the world鈥檚 most popular fantasy roleplaying game. It comes complete with all of the ancestries, class options, feats, and more you need to create your own Blue Rose adventurers, and details on the unique arcana, magic items, and creatures of Aldea. The Sovereignty and its people need heroes! Will you answer the call and become one of the Sovereign鈥檚 Finest? Swear your allegiance to the light and to the rightful Sovereign鈥攁dventure and romance await!