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D&D 5th Edition: Scarlet Citadel (5E)

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SKU: KOB9085

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Written by tabletop RPG luminary Steve Winter, Scarlet Citadel includes a sprawling adventure for 5th Edition in the classic style for 10 levels of play. Veteran industry editor Misty Bourne and fan-favorite cartographer Jon Pintar round out Scarlet Citadel鈥檚 top-tier crew of tabletop aficionados. Original traps and new monsters lurk in the citadel鈥檚 depths as do magical mysteries and nefarious plots. Malevolent creatures spin shadowy webs, enchant foul magics, and summon forth dark gods. In Scarlet Citadel for 5th Edition, players will face harrowing foes, meet curious allies, and unearth the ancient treasures and secrets that lie scattered everywhere! Along with this massive adventure, this Kickstarter project includes the Scarlet Citadel Map Folio. These ten beautiful, full-color, fold-out battle maps depict all levels of the dungeon and are perfect for tabletop RPG miniatures. Plus, the folio includes several smaller overlay maps that allow game masters to easily depict traps, hazards, and other unique features in the dungeon!