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Dark Blue Label: Premium Mini Euro Card Sleeve (50 pack) 45 MM X 68 MM

$ 2.00
SKU: MDG7080

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So what is the difference from our standard card sleeves and our PREMIUM SLEEVES? The standard sleeves are a great thickness and quality for protecting your games on a budget. They are sold in packs of 100 and are perfect if you want to protect your work-a-day games from sticky hands, spills and general wear and tear. Our PREMIUM SLEEVES are sold in a 50 pack and are 125% thicker than our standard thickness sleeves. These sleeves offer a sturdier case and stronger protection for your cards. If you have a rare or expensive game and just can't bear to have the cards looking anything but pristine then this is the card sleeve for you! There are others out there selling similar products, but ours are cheaper and designed to actually FIT THE CARDS snuggly. This is the ultimate card sleeve for your cards and is sure to please! This sleeve set is a 50 pack set of card sleeves that are designed to protect any card with dimensions of one of the most popular card sizes for euro board games, the Mini Euro Size. This size of 6.8 CM by 4.5 CM is the "standard" among most euro games that use smaller cards. Any game that has a card width of 4.1 CM to 4.5 CM would fit well into these sleeves as long as the height is 6.8 CM or shorter. You can always trim a bit off the top if you need to. For a list of games this is compatible with you can check: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/41513 These 45 MM X 68 MM sized PREMIUM sleeves are 50 per pack and retail for $1.85 each. These are designed to fit: Ad Astra Age of Discovery* (Unconfirmed) Airships Alexandros Amun-Re Amyitis Arkadia Around the World in 80 Days Aton* (Unconfirmed) Attika Before the Wind Chinatown (New Filosofia Ed) Cuba Cuba: El Presidente Exp. Die Weinh锟絥dler Doge Drunter und Dr锟絙er Dungeon Twister El Grande El Grande Decentennial Emerald Endeavor Euphrates & Tigris Card Game Goa Great Space Race Hacienda Il Principe In the Shadow of the Emperor In the Year of the Dragon Industrial Waste La Citt锟 Leonardo da Vinci Louis XIV Manila Masons Maya Medici (Older, not RGG Version) Palazzo Perry Rhodan: Die Kosmische Hanse Pillars of the Earth Pillars of the Earth Expansion Pirate's Cove Razzia! Ruse & Bruise Salamanca San Francisco San Marco Scepter of Zavandor Shogun Simply Catan Snow Tails Space Alert St. Petersburg St. Petersburg Expansion Stephenson's Rocket Submarine Talisman -2nd Edition Thebes Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization Thurn and Taxis Thurn and Taxis Thurn and Taxis Power & Glory Thurn and Taxis Road To Rome Ticket To Ride USA Timbuktu Tower of Babel Traders of Genoa TransAmerica Walhalla Wings of War - Blister Pack (each) Wings of War - Burning Drachens Wings of War - Dawn of WWII Wings of War - Famous Aces Wings of War - Fire From The Sky Wings of War - Watch Your Back Wings of War Miniatures Ys Yspahan Prophecy (unconfirmed)