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Dead Camper Lake DVD

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All Chris (Steve Wolbrecht) wants is to be an accountant. This changes forever when a demon murders his girlfriend and destroys half of his sleepy college campus. Fleeing with Gabriel (Nathan Rice), the sole surviving member of a celestial team of demon hunters, Chris finds himself immersed in a world of supernatural terrors - a world populated by time-traveling gunslingers, coniferous bounty hunters, and the very demon who killed his friends. Can Chris learn to fight back and survive the horrors of Dead Camper Lake, or will he literally find himself in Hell? From Dead Gentlemen Productions, the comedy troupe and indie film company who entertained audiences around the world with their cult hit The Gamers, Dead Camper Lake is presented here in both its original and extended versions. * Special Features: Dead Camper Lake: The Extended Edition * Over 40 minutes of new material and deleted scenes * 92-minute feature film Demon Hunters * the original Dead Gentlemen production prequel to Dead Camper Lake * Full soundtrack by Steve Wolbrecht and Phil Price * The Making of Dead Camper Lake * Outtakes and diabolical Easter Eggs * Full screenplay on DVD-ROM * English and German Subtitles * Trailers for other Dead Gentlemen productions