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Delta Green RPG: Iconoclasts

$ 44.99
SKU: APU8136
THE FATHER OF WAR UNLEASHED - Iconoclasts is a 206-page full-color hardback campaign for Delta Green. It brings a team of Agents to a scene of horrors all too real: Mosul in 2016, held by the self-styled Islamic State in a reign of depraved brutality. From a small base at the Kirkuk airfield, the Agents must research the horrors to come and prepare for a harrowing infiltration. 禄 HORRORS IN MOSUL: A grim overview of life under ISIL. 禄 A BLACK SMOKE RISING: A scenario as prelude. The players briefly take the roles of ISIL fighters, sent to destroy mysterious artifacts without knowing what terrors they might bring upon themselves. 禄 OPERATION BONE BOX: Delta Green Task Force 01132 gathers for a briefing on a ghastly incursion and an interview with an unusual witness: a renegade veteran of Delta Green. 禄 THE EVIL OF THE WHISPERER: Espionage, political wrangling, and pursuit of hidden myths of history and prehistory prepare the Agents for Mosul. But can any preparation be enough? 禄 AMONG JINN AND MEN: Gore in the streets of Mosul and the waters of the Tigris. A bloodthirsty cult, its viciousness shocking even by the standards of ISIL. A demon or god rising to ancient glory. 禄 BLACKER THAN BLACK: Extensive rules and guidelines for spying, crime, and backroom deals that can be the basis of an even broader international Delta Green campaign. 禄 New rituals, new tomes, and the dreadful details of a threat to suit all the evils of humanity.